Headway cell 38120HP (8Ah) Power Cells

38120HP battery-2

This VERY high powered single cell is only available in the 8000mAh capacity.   It’s uses include starter batteries, racing batteries for both drag and track along with other high current use applications.

** Minimum order requirement:  100 cells **


Headway LiFePO4 38120HP 8000mAh cell is one of the few single cells which has the continuous discharging rates of 10C and pulse discharge at 25C, with a very low resistance, and with screw terminals which makes it much easier to be connected in series and/or parallel into larger packs. With the screw terminals instead of a welded or soldered tab connection, if a cell does go bad in the future, it is much easier to replace the bad cell.

When compared with other Lithium-Ion cells, Headway 38120HP cells have an excellent high discharging performance, with a rated energy density and a rated power density much higher than the 38120SP cell.  It can calso be used as a replacement for the discontinued 38120SP cell.


Item Specification
Normal capacity 8000mAh
Normal voltage 3.2V
Inter impedance ˂4mΩ
Maximum charge current 10C (80A)
Maximum charge voltage 3.65 ± 0.05V
Maximum continuous discharge current 10C (80A)
Maximum peak pulse discharge current 25C (200A)
Discharge stop voltage 2.0V
Diameter 38 ± 1mm
Height 122 ± 1mm (132 ± 1mm)
Weight approx. 330g
Work temperature charge 0 ~ 45°C
Work temperature discharge 20 ~ 60°C
Store temperature in one month 20 ~ 45°C
Store temperature in six months 20 ~ 35°C
Cycle life 1500 cycles 1C 100% DOD
2000 cycles 1C 80% DOD


*** INSTALLATION OF SCREW ENDS: Tighten to 3Nm (26 inch lbs.) and do not exceed 4Nm (35 inch lbs.)***



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